With first class customer service, full technical backup, and top quality products, we guarantee the supply and installation of a trouble free system.

Our solutions ensure the building’s occupants are protected while access and escape routes are free from smoke. They also reduce the risk of a fire developing further by delaying or preventing flashover, and reduce the risk of damage to the building and it's contents while helping firefighters control and extinguish a fire.

From standard stairwell panels operating a single window to purpose built, multi-zoned panels controlling hundreds of vents, we offer the perfect solution for literally every smoke control or natural ventilation requirement.

We can supply 1.0m and 1.5m sq EN 12101 Certified AOV Roof Vents in both Hatch or Louvred versions with NEXT DAY delivery nationwide. Made to order AOV vents supplied to site within 10 working days.


Smoke and heat control systems Part 10: Power Supplies. Any Control Panel operating an AOV vent must comply with Part 10 of EN12101 Amongst many requirements this standard stipulates that there must be at least two independent power sources, each must be capable of operate the vent if the other fails.

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Avantage is a 1 and 2 hour fire resistant smoke control damper suitable for multi compartment applications of smoke control such as lobby to smoke shaft ventilators.
The product is based on a damper door design and has been tested and certified to EN12101-8 achieving 1 and 2 hour fire rating. This is particularly important so to maintain the fire integrity of any shaft. Read more

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Roof Vents

With UK stock of 1.0m2 and 1.5m2 aluminium louvered and flap style smoke ventilators we can deliver an EN certified solution to most parts of the UK within 24 hours

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AOV Windows

Arden Phase 3 04

The Construction Products Regulation could outlaw the use of an actuator being fitted onto a door or window to form an Automatically Opening Ventilator (AOV) unless that “Actuator Vent/window/door combination” has been tested as a complete assembly and CE marked accordingly. This is because what is so formed by joining two separate items cannot be classed as a design assembly.

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Stocking a complete range of actuators from 380mm up to 1200mm in chain and linear style including twin versions we can find a solution to all types of ventilation requirements and usually despatch withing 24hours.

The range includes Ferralux, Ultraflex, Topps, Windowmaster

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